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Where you'll find images of cars that have used our services and some advise

Since our founding, we’ve been trying to come up with all types of different things to ensure our services is different and helpful from the rest of the crowed. We have introduced a blog where we show off some of the cars that have used our services. We also wanted to create a space where anyone can drop in advice, help each other with our vehicles, problems and enquirers we may all have. This is a friendly open space where anyone can take part in, from the car majors to the simple people that just want the best for their vehicles. (NOTED, all comments added will be supervised and removed if inappropriate).


Summer Is Getting Busy!

Here at Dx's Mobile Washers we train and strive to be the best in your area. This post is simply just an update on the business to get you guys more involved!

We have upgraded a varies of different equipment we use including steamers, leather treatments and more!

Summer is getting busy with more returning monthly customers, so if you haven't already, book now!

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