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Where you'll find images of cars that have used our services and some advise

Since our founding, we’ve been trying to come up with all types of different things to ensure our services is different and helpful from the rest of the crowed. We have introduced a blog where we show off some of the cars that have used our services. We also wanted to create a space where anyone can drop in advice, help each other with our vehicles, problems and enquirers we may all have. This is a friendly open space where anyone can take part in, from the car majors to the simple people that just want the best for their vehicles. (NOTED, all comments added will be supervised and removed if inappropriate).


A New Beginning!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Welcome to the new Vehicle blog page of 2023!

We are excited to launch a blog page in our website and community. We hope eventually everyone starts becoming more active on here. The goal and soul purpose of this blog page is to give a platform for any problems or enquires to do with cars and keeping them clean and healthy!

Here you will find photographs and videos of any vehicles we post that we have serviced and decided to post and share. These will vary in all different types of values, but with the same common factor. A completed detailed and washed vehicle by the same Company!

Like said before, Anyone is welcome to come and either view and post on here! Whether its vehicles, problems or any enquires you want answered by our team or by the rest of the community.

From the car lovers, to the simple car owners that just want the best for their vehicles!

Be new and change with us to grow this community, there are no judgements and all comments that we believe are inappropriate will be deleted.

Start of something new!

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